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14 December 2020

5 questions to Leon van den Eertwegh, Account Manager at Boels Rental. 

Can you tell us more about the partnership between Boels Rental and Kropman Installatietechniek?
We have been partnering with Kropman Installatietechniek for many years. Kropman Installatietechniek's mission is to make buildings greener, healthier and more efficient. This ties in nicely with what we at Boels stand for: 'Orange is the new green', a partner for sustainable rental solutions and sound advice about cleaner machines and materials.

Which projects does Kropman Installatietechniek do?
Kropman Installatietechniek provides electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, prefabrication and Contamination Control for companies in The Netherlands. They are an 'all-in-one installer’, which means that they take all the work off your hands in projects: from the design and realisation to the management and operation of building installations. They work on the automation of buildings, the production of piping and the provision of service and maintenance.

What do they hire from Boels Rental?
Actually, they hire from Boels' complete range: from breakers and compressors to building chains and Bio Boxes (portable site toilets). However, aerial work platforms in particular are used a lot. Kropman Installatietechniek uses electrical machines as much as possible. At Boels, they choose from the largest range of zero emission machines, supplemented with hybrid alternatives. We offer a young and wide range of products for every rental need. As an added bonus, they are all available under one roof.

What does the preferred supplier partnership mean?
For the next 3 years, we will be the preferred supplier of machines and equipment for Kropman Installatietechniek. This means that we will supply machines for projects throughout the country. The partnership is based on years of good cooperation and trust. We are not only a supplier, but we are also seen as a wise partner. If they have any questions or need help, we are there for them. For example, Boels colleagues go to locations and projects to measure and advise on materials. We try to solve problems as quickly and effectively as possible.  

Why has Boels been chosen as preferred supplier?
Based on our great cooperation in recent years, Boels has once again been chosen. Our key offerings are; a single point of contact, national coverage, the quality of the machines, the complete range and, of course, good customer service. As our partner, they can have a single point of contact to ask all of their questions to. They can also submit rental requests via our 'One Call' service. Their assigned contact person is fully informed of their wishes and internal procedures. He or she is always on the look out for the smartest and most efficient solutions.

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