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Safety symbols

Safety first for you and your employees, which is why safety accessories are essential. These can be obtained at any Boels branch. All items meet Working Conditions regulations. The following symbols are used to tell you which accessories you require.

 Safety gloves are compulsory
 Safety shoes are compulsory
 Safety helmet is compulsory
 Hearing protection is compulsory
 Eye protection and safety helmet are compulsory
 Hearing and eye protection are compulsory
 Hearing protection and safety helmet are compulsory
 Hearing and eye protection, and a safety helmet are compulsory
 Eye protection is compulsory
 Respiratory protection is compulsory
 Work clothing/safety clothing is compulsory
 Fall protection compulsory
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Transport symbols

Are you picking up the rental items yourself? Then look out for the transport symbols indicated on the product. The transport symbols show you which kind of means of transport you need. If there is no indication, then you can transport the item in a car.

 Transport by truck
 Transport by car
 Fitted with a tow bar hitch


Symbols on our products

On our products, a number of symbols can be found. These symbols are important to ensure correct and safe usage.

Loskoppelen: 1. Hendel omhoog;   2. Hendel naar voren duwen;  3. Dissel omhoog trekken Disconnect
Verboden zich binnen de draaicirkel te bevinden Stay out of the turning radius
Oliepeil elke 24 uur controleren Check oil level every 24 hours
Dit apparaat alleen in geventileerde ruimte gebruiken Only use this machine in a ventilated area    
Schoon en leeg retour Return items clean and empty    
Machine voor gebruik 3 uur rechtop laten staan Machine must be in upright position at least 3 hours before use    
Maximum snelheid 80 km per uur Maximum speed 80 km/hr
Deze kant boven This side up
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